"When men and women step up to say 'Yes' to Domestic and Family Peace the journey toward healing and reconciliation can truly begin."

There is something very empowering about men and women stepping up together to make a strong public call for family and domestic peace.

To us it says that "We are moving forward, we are doing all it takes to be at peace in our hearts and in our homes and you can too!". Especially when that call is made in such a colourful, creative and affirmative way.

If you would like to wave the Say Yes flag at your next local event, DFV walk or rally contact us and let's see what we can organise. We supply shirts, flags, banners and flyers at reasonable cost to any person or community group across the nation. Even digital designs can be supplied so you can print your own promo material, all we ask is that everything you say and display is consistent with the Say Yes Vision and branding.