Say Yes is a response to the following questions:

Often, it is more effective to ask the right questions than it is to try to find the right answers... our experience shows us that the answers naturally appear as a direct result of asking the right questions... we simply need to be listening for when the answers appear.

  • How can we best recognise the silent majority of men and women who work hard to create safe, happy and peaceful environments for their loved ones.
  • How can we best introduce Say Yes as an affirmative, solutions based message alongside the current DFV narrative?
  • How do we best enable conversation and deep listening to gain a clearer understanding of what life is like for many people and for families and what support they really need in these modern times?
  • What needs to happen for those men, women and young ones who need to heal their past so they can gain a healthy sense of self worth and to value family and community more highly?
  • How do we best create a safe trustworthy environment that enables men and women to reconcile and work together in partnership rather than competition? 
  • Where can people come into contact and engage with a broad cross section of programs that work effectively to bring about personal, family and domestic peace?
  • What needs to happen for financial and logistical support to be available for men and women to attend personal and relationship development workshops and programs?
  • How do we best enable people to meet, connect and form their own localised support networks that resemble the best that extended family have to offer?
  • How do we best empower local communities to create and facilitate their own Art for Peace projects that result in personal, domestic and family peace? 

As a proactive way of answering these important questions the Say Yes Initiative imagines an event that is designed to engage conversation, present solutions, enable support, encourage the best in people and be a safe, creative, uplifting and enjoyable experience of building self esteem as well as build their own  independent local community support networks.

Our Vision

 The Say Yes Initiative is a social movement that inspires, promotes and enables personal, domestic and family peace in hearts and homes throughout the world by:

  • Recognising and honouring the men and women who do the best they can with what they have for their loved ones, neighbours and communities.
  • Understanding with compassion that life can get too much for many of us these days and by making support as accessible as possible for people to reach out for assistance wherever and whenever they feel it is necessary.
  • Introducing people to local organisations and individuals who present effective prevention, healing, education, communication, gender reconciliation and healthy relationship programs.
  • Offering financial and even logistical support to those men and women willing to take personal responsibility for themselves and to do the personal growth work necessary to consciously choose peace in their hearts and their homes.
  • Supporting the facilitation of a safe space that enables creativity, positive conversation and connection to enable a healthy sense of self, family and community.
  • Encouraging people to form their own independent local support networks.
  • Introducing a positive solutions-based narrative and creative initiatives to balance and compliment the current DFV campaigns.
  • Making available a selection of promotional material necessary for people and groups across the nation to proclaim the "Say Yes to Personal, Domestic and Family Peace" message in a consistent and effective manner.

            See more about the Say Yes philosophy on our Say Yes Initiative page.