Men's Work

Men's Group, Men's gatherings and workshops provide a place of healing for men from all walks of life. By showing up, each man demonstrates that he is willing to do the work to create personal, domestic and family peace. We honour these men!

Many fella's think that men's group is not for them, that things are going okay so what could group possibly do anyway?  What we don't realise often is that the little things pile up and before we know it, it can all get too much... and then what happens...?

Men's group can be good for every man, especially the majority of men who are doing the best they can with what they've got. The silent majority who just soldier on keeping it all inside.

Being safe to talk about everyday challenges, to talk and to hear the sharing of other men about the ups and the downs of work, relationship and family life without fear of judgement or derision is very supportive and acts something like an exhaust valve to let out steam. Often after each group, men go home feeling heard, respected, validated, grounded and connected. They can meet their family from a peaceful place inside, better able to hear them and to be present for their partner.

Videos below from founder Rob Clark provide an insight into the healing available to men as they embrace responsibility and forgiveness and resolve to become better men for their own good and the well-being of their loved ones.