The Say Yes Initiative acknowledges and celebrates all the men and women who say yes to personal, domestic and family peace.

We are still the majority, let's not forget that. It is a fact that more than 80% of our homes are to varying degrees happy, nurturing, caring, beautiful, safe and mostly peaceful environments.  If you identify your self and your family as in that almost forgotten majority then the Say Yes Initiative (SYI) recognises you as a 'Peace Maker'... a man or woman who says YES to Family Peace to the best of your ability.

SYI understands that it is not realistic to expect 100% family and relationship peace every minute of everyday and to think that we all just instinctively know how to be peace makers in every situation is also unrealistic.  

Who teaches us these skills anyway? Our parents? Our schools? Our government? No, not usually, so most of us are simply doing the best we can with what we've been given, and so often what we have been given does not really serve us all that well, particularly when the going gets tough.

It is in those challenging moments that we find out how valuable peacemaking skills really are... those can be the times of real 'make' or 'break', when the difference between peace and escalating tension can mean reaching out to someone for a little support, perhaps even for some guidance to learn and practice the tools and skills of a peace maker. 

Where is the support without judgement or hassle that good mates, extended family, elders or local friend networks at their best can provide?  To whom do we turn and how can we best learn these skills BEFORE things get too much and breakdown or DFV situations arise?

The Say Yes Initiative recognises and endorses the many good programs available that support and educate us on healthy and peaceful lives and relationships.

SYI is also a hub for local programs that support personal and relationship growth for both men and women. To those incredible people and programs that show us the way to peace in heart and home, we thank you and invite you to contact us so we can present you to your local community.  Please refer to our Links page for Say Yes endorsed programs.

SYI acknowledges and honours all men and women who take personal responsibility for their own part in life and are willing to do the work of personal and relationship development.

What if learning the skills to a better life came with financial and logistical support from within our own local communities? What if all we needed to do was to reach out to people we have already connected with and know we can trust? What if asking for help was met with acceptance, understanding and compassion?  What if reaching out were no big deal at all?

SYI is working toward the capacity of being able to offer financial and logistical assistance to men and women who are willing to improve their skills as Peace Makers.

Art for Peace Events

One aspect of the Say Yes Initiative is a public art installation that brings people of all ages and walks of life together in a safe space to creatively participate, engage in conversation and deep listening as well building community connections and local support networks with each other, much like friends and an extended family.

Art for peace