See the gallery at the bottom of this page

See the gallery at the bottom of this page

Art for Peace is a public art installation providing a safe space where people of all ages and walks of life can creatively participate together, engage in conversation and build their own support networks and community connections hopefully BEFORE there is any chance of a breakdown or DFV problem.

 This innovative program is for those of us who are willing to take personal responsibility for the way things are in our lives and are looking to develop the tools and skills to be more successful at creating peace both within our selves and in our homes.

Art for Peace will:

  • Provide a beautiful inclusive positive experience that facilitates creativity, encourages conversation, builds connections between people and actively enables local support networks and community.

  • Showcase what support there is available for men and women and to make that support as accessible as possible so that we are more likely to reach out before things get too much. All in the understanding that prevention is better than cure.

  • Build support funds through the sale of canvases so that each local community can make financial assistance available for people willing to do the vital personal and relationship growth work.

  • Support the mainly independent, local, preventative, positive and pro-active programs that provide retreats, workshops, counseling, therapy and processes for healing and developing the personal skills and tools that improve our lives.

  • Encourage locals to meet and connect with each other to create independent support networks that feel like a good extended family or a group of friends who check in with each other reasonably often and extend a hand where needed.

The Say Yes Initiative (SYI) creates a public art mural comprising scores of individual canvases joined together to become one complete art wall.

Set in a semi-circle this art wall forms the background upon which an eclectic ‘masterpeace’ can be created by many people over some days or even weeks.

As the 'masterpiece' evolves each of these canvases become individual works of art, each are available for sale, auction, raffle or gifted to raise funds for local family peace initiatives.

The design for the mural is based on the positive words, patterns and elements that flow together to create peace in heart and home.

Under the watchful, guiding and caring eye of local elders, artists and facilitators, people of all ages and skill levels are facilitated and encouraged to create a ‘masterpeace’ together in partnership and safety.

A semi-circle of seating completes the circle with the wall to enable a relatively intimate conversation space. Positive interaction, connection, deep listening and understanding and is an integral part of each ‘Art for Peace’ event.

A more private, safe circle space may also be set up to allow confidential, deeper, more personal dialogue to occur between people without interruption.

On display within the venue precinct are the brochures and all relevant information pertaining to a range of local, effective personal and relationship development programs that enable men and women to heal, gain self esteem and step forward into embracing healthy attitudes and behaviors.

Through local sponsorship, donations, the sale of canvasses, endorsements and various merchandising products an after costs trust fund is being established.

From that trust fund financial support can then be offered to men and women who are willing to do the personal growth and healthy relationship work necessary to give them the skills necessary for more healthy and positive ways of being and relating.

In time, a network of trusted carers for children and animals, house sitters and even temporary job placements will provide logistical support to further enable men and women to take the time out to attend to their physical, mental, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Say Yes Initiative aims to make teams available so these events can be replicated in other cities, towns and suburbs right across the country.